Orange River Fly Fishing - Plan your fishing safari
This is truly one of the best venues in South Africa for fishing and fly fishing.
We specialize in guided fly-fishing trips along the Orange River and Richtersveld area.
We focus on and eco friendly fly fishing trip and all our fish is catch and release.
Nothing beats the tranquility of the mountains and the meandering Orange River whilst
busy on a fly fishing trip.
Best Fly Fishing on the Orange River
  Ultimate Fly Fishing Safaris on the
Orange River.
1 - 5 day Fly Fishing Trips.
  Our base camp is situated on the banks of the Orange River and we are 20 km downstream from the Border post at Vioolsdrif between Namibia and Botswana.  
  View Map page for directions to our Base camp on the banks of the Orange River in the Richtersveld National Park.  
  More Information on Orange River Fly Fishing in the Richtersveld National Park  
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Things to do from
Base Camp:
A list of activities that
operate from our base
camp on the Orange River.